WD Elements can not read drive - input output device error


I have an WD elements external USB portable drive 1 TB. It has now stopped working as I get input output device error when connected to pc, therefore I cannot access the data on the drive.

When connected to the pc, it shows up as a drive letter, the disk spins and led lights fickler, but I can not access the drive, hence the error message mentioned above.

I have tried the device connected to different PC’s and changed usb cable, but still get the same error message about device input output error.

The windows disk check utility will not work as the disk can not be accessed and gives the mentioned error message.

Any advise please on how to access the data?


You can try contacting support to troubleshoot this issue.

I will try tech support, is it a free number? I hear that only premium numbers are used costing 1.50/min or somthing

For the Elements you get 30 days of free tech support; you can also send a tech support Email. Another thing you can do is use the DLG app to write zeros if you don’t mind losing your files. Avoid using USB Hubs or USB extension cables, also it is preferable if you use the back USB port if you have a desktop PC. Check the links below for the tech support number and the steps to write zeros using DLG. 

Tech Support


Write Zeros


Thanks for the feedback