WD Elements Basic Storage 4TB

I am using this to back up my files as I got a message on my Laptop so bought this one. I just plugged it in and a light comes on. How do I know that it is backing up my files and when do I know that it is finished? The instruction leaflet isn’t very informative for a retired person who is not technical.

The light is flickering and is white. Does it change colour say to green to say that it is finished backing up?

Can anyone give me any advice to put my mind at rest?

Thanks very much.

Hello robin76,

I would suggest you to check the computer for the completion of Backup process as the led light will not notify for the Backup process.

Thanks Neo33 for taking the time to reply which has put my mind at ease.

I eventually found the device on the computer while it was plugged in and it showed that it had some storage on it so I disconnected it. It actually stated how much was stored on it so I have made a note of the figure and will do this each time that I back up my files.

Kind regards,