WD Elements 8TB Data Recovery Plan?

I currently have a Seagate Backup Plus 4TB I bought from Costco 2 years ago. It is already full (with just my thousands of videos and pictures of my daily life) and I am planning on buying a WD Elements 8TB Desktop from Amazon.

The Seagate came with the 2 year warranty, so if the drive broke or the drive is recognized ,but not openable, I could send it in and have the data recovered, but has already expired since September. I never used it though, my previous one broke and my big sister threw it and broke it, expecting me to fix it at home and lost all my data and became unrecoverable then…

Anyways, does this drive come with any type of warranty, so that data can be recovered? If not, is there a way to register the device for data recovery purposes like Seagate? All I saw was register your device for a replacement or something, but I care more about recovering data, not replacing the device without recovery if it breaks.

No. Warranty does not cover data loss or recovery.


My advice … keep a backup all of your data on another hard drive so you don’t need data recovery when your big sister decides throw another hard drive.

Whenever i buy a new hard drive … i always buy “2” of them, one for my data and the other for a backup of my data. eg. i have 2x4TB, 2x3TB and 2x2TB drives … so 3 of them are a mirror backup of the other 3.

Sure, it may sound expensive … until you find out how much Data Recovery Services charge to recover your data :wink:

Thanks for clarifying. What about registering your product? What does that do for the drive?

If registering the product on WD’s website or purchasing any warranty will not cover data loss, should I just buy the $10 to $20 more expensive seagate backup plus that comes with a data recovery warranty?

That just registers it for warranty purposes

do whatever you want, i personally wouldn’t touch anything made by Seagate with a 10 Foot Pole. Have had at least 5 Seagate hard drives fail years ago … swore off ever buying them again.

Have only been buying Western Digital for the last 10~15 Years and haven’t had a single one ‘fail’.

So it doesn’t surprise me that Seagate offer data recovery as part of the warranty … because you’ll probably need it … but, it’ll most likely fail outside the warranty period anyways :wink:

Thanks again for explaining me to WD drives. First time here BTW. So the warranty would be like let’s say my drive fails, gets damaged, or breaks, they would replace it with another one and not mention about data?

I heard some rumors about WD giving off binary instead of actual files and data from my former martial arts teacher who films a LOT. Kinda like me but he does it for a lot of people…

Should I even worry about needing a warranty? I might as well use bubble wrap and rubber bands to wrap this drive up to add extra protection from the $$ saved from Seagate though.