WD Elements 6TB Request of Western Digital

I have 3 My Book external hard drives ( 2 8TB and 1 4TB ) and 1 Elements 6TB. I have used Drive Utilities to set sleep timers and perform diagnostic tests on the 3 My Book drives. I understand that the software doesn’t work with the Elements drive, but it keeps trying to communicate with it and keeps it constantly spinning and won’t enter sleep mode unless I uninstall it ( Drive Utilities ). I don’t understand why WD didn’t make their Elements drives compatible with the software but they should have.

My request is that they do so. I realize that this would require a software update and perhaps a firmware update as well. The Dashboard software recognizes all of the drives and performs the diagnostics, but there’s no way to adjust sleep timers. I, and many other customers could really benefit from being able to adjust the sleep function on Elements drives so it would be much appreciated if you folks could either update Drive Utilities to include those drives, or add sleep timer controls to Dashboard.


HI @mctalks,

We are considering this as feedback, and we will proceed with your request to our development team, so we can improve our services in the future.

Any fix would come in the form of an over the air device app, software or firmware update. Unfortunately, we cannot provide a schedule as to when a release will occur. We appreciate your patience and understanding and apologize for any inconvenience this issue has caused.