WD Elements 5TB HDD not working with WD TV Media Player

Hi all…
My husband bought me a WD Elements 5TB HD and a WD TV Media Player for Christmas.
When I sat down to plug the HDD in, it was not recognised by the WD TV Media Player.

I tried steps such as reformatting (for the use of Mac OS X as well) - using DiskPart to clean the drive etc but still no luck. I also have a Seagate 3TB Network Drive which the WD TV Media Player picks up perfectly.

Can someone please assist me in getting my Media Player to recognise my HDD?

Thank you and I look forward to your response.


I have an external HDD (3.5’ WD red 6 TB). My experience with it is that, when I attach it to the front USB port, it is recognised immediately. But if I attach it to the back USB port, most of the times it is not recognised.

Give it a try and see if the front port works with it…

Good luck