WD Elements 500 GB Drive

I just bought this and plugged it up to my macbook and I can’t drag anything to it. It just says it’s locked…



Hey, It may just be that you have to reformat your harddrive.

First: Copy the files on the harddrive onto your mac desktop

Second: Go to Finder -> applications -> Utilities -> disk Utilities

3rd: select your hard drive on the left hand side list

Chose the Erase tab.

And for the volume format, chose MAC Os Extended

Let it reformat, when it’s done, open up your hard drive, and copy back in the original files back onto it

You should be able to drag in files and what not!

I hope this helped, hopefully your problem is what I think it is "

Thank you for the info! I just reformated my WD Elements for Mac - did everything as described and it worked.