WD elements 4TB & OS X 10.11.6 El Capitan crashing

Hi there,
I bought the above HD to back up time machine on my Mac. It has crashed twice and WD has replaced both. This is within a period of 10 months. I am still under guarantee so I have now gotten my third HD. I haven’t plugged in the new HD yet cos I am asking myself what is the point if it is going to crash again. Both times, WD was not able to offer a solution so they just asked me to send in the HD.

It is not the cables cos I have checked them and even purchased a new extension. Also tried plugging it into different USB outlets when it started giving problems. The problem does not lie with the cables or USB outlets. Followed all instructions to the T.

I would like to ask if anyone has experienced such problems and if so, what have you done.

I have a Seagate HD and it hasn’t crashed yet. I’ve only had a minor issue once. I bought the WD cos someone recommended it to me. Can’t give it back now. :rofl: