WD Elements 4TB desktop HD only recognized as Local Disk

I want to use a 4TB WD Elements desktop HD as a removable disk to store backup files using Windows 10 File History. However Windows 10 sees the WD HD as a Local Disk and will not use it for File History. How do I assign the WD HD as a “Removable Disk”? Have tried uninstalling the HD and deleting the USB driver, then reinstalling letting Windows 10 pick the drivers. Still seen as a Local Disk…


I would recommend you check Disk Management to make sure it’s properly formatted, and that it has a letter assigned.

Done both, it is properly formatted with an assigned letter.
I can perform all activities on this drive normal to a ‘local disk’. But,
neither Windows 10 File History nor Backup will use it because Windows does
not see it as a removable device.

Nor, apparently doe the free version of WD SmartWare. When I try and run
it it shows the WD Elements Drive but says I have to upgrade to the Pro
version of SmartWare to use it.

What is the issue that will not allow a WD Elements drive be recognized as
a removable device?