WD Elements 3TB - Disappears from drive list when going into sleep mode

Recently purchased a WD 3TB Elements drive for backup purposes, the system it runs backups from is turned on 24/7.

However we recently discovered that the drive goes into sleep mode after a while, while this wouldn’t be a problem if it would turn back on if the backup process would start, it does not.

In fact after some time after going into sleep mode the drive simply disappears from the drive list, it does not appear in ‘My Computer’ and it does not appear in the disk management console.

It does reappear in the drive list when you either disconnect the power or USB cable and then reattach.

Is this drive defective or is there any way to prevent this from happening?

We really need this drive to function properly for our backup purposes.

The system it runs on:

Core i5 650


Windows 7 x64

Any kind of information regarding this issue would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Hi, check if the link below helps.



Thanks for the reply.

Although the issue described exactly matches what i am experiencing frequently, this patch was designed for Windows Vista and not for 7.

I tried looking for the hotfix with the same criteria as the Vista one, except i swapped Vista for 7 but no luck.

Is there any hotfix for 7 regarding this issue?

Thanks in advance.