WD Elements 3 TB erratic behaviour

I have been experiencing issues for several weeks with my WD Elements 3TB; basically it started to get stuck randomly and the only way of getting acces to it again was by turning it off. Right now I can extract data from it with no issue at all but cannot copy data to it since it randomly get stuck in the middle of the transfer. By turning it off and on the hard disk works again and I can acess to all data stored in it without issues, but every time I try to transfer files to it, it happens again, and this is happening more often.
The hard disk has been always located in the same place and it didn’t got hit nor fell to the floor.
I’m really worried since I use this unit for backups and I don’t really want to lose all the data I have stored on it.


The elements HDD seems open to problems. I suggest you search Knowledge Base, WD Community and Internet for help.

In the meantime, you should consider copying as many files as you can, since recovery once the drive fails is expensive.