WD Elements 3.0 4TB not recognized at startup on Win 7

Hi everyone! The drive won´t show up at startup but, once the os is loaded, if I turn the drive off and then I turn it On again, it shows up and works fine.
Anyway, having to follow the above process everytime I want to use the drive is really annoying. Any ideas?
Thank you!


It is possible the computer is not powering on the USB ports on startup.
Verify if there is a setting for this that you can change.


First of all I would like to thank you. After that, USB ports have power on startup. As a matter of fact, the drive turns on on startup without pushing the power button it has, it just turns on as the computer does.
I guess the issue is not power related, nor a drive malfunction because, as I mentioned above, once the o.s. is fully loaded, if I turn off the drive and then turn it on back, it works just fine.

Look in the BIOS and check the boot order. USB needs to be after the main HD.

Again, I would like to thank Joe_S and Hamlet for your time.
The issue has been solved. Digging a little I realized that on startup, the Drive caused a “Windows 43” error code (Unknown device) instead of loading it as a USB storage device; turning the device off and starting it again would make the error dissapear and the unit would load properly as a USB storage device so I guessed both the unit and the USB port where fine.

I uninstalled the drivers, etc. but it didn´t work. Then, I just switched USB ports between my keyboard and the External HDD and now both the keyboard and the HDD work smoothly.

I know it doesn´t sound very logical and last night I went to bed with a WTF feeling, but this morning I realized that a little mistery in your life can make it more interesting :smile: