WD Elements 2TB

From yesterday I don’t manager to connect my Elements 2TB USB External drive to PCs.

When I try to connect it the PC don’t manage to recognise it as USB External storage.

In addition when I try to access to it the PC return an error.

Strangely my O’Play Media Player normaly read the content of my Elements!

Is there a way to try to repair my disk? I need to save its contents.

Thanks in advance

Have you tried changing the USB cable or testing with a different computer? If your Media Player is detecting the files then it’s likely a configuration issue.  Also check Disk Management for clues:



Yes I try to:

  1. change the cable

  2. change the usb port

  3. run the tool to analyze the drive ( the phisical drive seems OK the test pass in both case quick test and sectors test. No error!)

  4. connect the drive on different PC (PCs with windows don’t manage to access the disk. the history changed with Linus pc: the drive is accessed normally)

In addition I try to follow your suggestion to use the Disk Manager.

It shows the drive with no error but with a null info at file system type.

Surely the problem is that windows have lost the information related to the file system type of my device, differentely by Linux that manage to understand in some way that the disk is an NTFS disk.

Probably a file accessed by windows with the drive characteristic and resident on same drive is corrupted!!!

Have someone an idea about how can I recover it?