WD Elements 2TB suddenly started clicking

Hi guys. I purchased a WD Elements 2TB ext HD a couple of months ago to back up my mac and data using Time Machine and to hold my Music and Films, it was set up for Windows, but it was easily reformatted

Absolutely no problems for the first two months, but all of a sudden, from yesterday, whenever it is accessed, or when the computer boots up or shuts down, it has started clicking where previously it was completely silent. I keep the HD switched on and attached to the computer permanently as this is easier.

I’m rather worried about this as I read up on the Seagate and other brands Click of Death when deciding which brand of HD to buy, which is why I went with WD as the reviews indicated that they seemed to be much more reliable. I have a lot of valuable media and data on the HD and do not want to lose it if it is susceptible to the click of death. So I’ve got a few questions: Is there any reason why it might have started clicking and is it indicative of a possible breakdown? Is clicking enough of a reason for WD to offer a replacement (HD is only 2 months old)? Should I remove my data from the HD or should I send it back to WD and ask them to transfer the data onto a replacement in case of the potential for corruption? Any other course of action I could take or am I over reacting and the clicking signifies nothing?

Many thanks for your help.

The click of death is not that scary believe  it or not. Sometimes it could be due to a bad data cable.

Also make sure your drive is connected into a wall outlet not a power strip.

Tell me how that turns out

Lawrence you rock!  I have tried everything with my WD Elements that started clicking and wouldn’t mount.  New power and data cables, different computers, etc.  The one thing I didn’t try was plugging it into the wall and not a power strip.  Bingo- it mounts and all is well in the world.  Reading this forum was my last effort before taking it apart to play with.

Thank you!

Glad to hear it worked out for you !

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