WD Elements 2TB External Drive Not Working

I have had a Western Digital 2TB external drive for a while now with no problems until few months back. I have the the HDD separated into 3 drives (G:, H:, and I:). Few months back one of my folders in I: was not opening and was saying I had to format it. It was strange because it was just the one folder in I: that wasn’t working while everything else worked fine. It sucked to have to lose all the files in that folder, but I needed the space. I reformatted and it seemed ok. Then recently, I was not able to copy files or create a new folder in drive I:. I started worrying and wanted to move some files to drive H: to be safe.

Today I was going to move some files from my laptop on to drive H:, and now it’s not opening at all. It doesn’t show how much space is used on H: or anything else. When I double click the drive to try and open it, I normally get a Windows Explorer is nor responding notice or that I need to format the drive. I have some VERY important photos and videos on the drive and I’m panicking a bit. Is there any way to fix this, or is it repairable possibly? Help would be greatly appreciated

This is most unfortunate. Did you try replacing the USB cable or another computer? If corruption is logical then it may be possible to access the data by using a data recovery software. A web search could help.

If recovery is unsuccessful, then I’d recommend contacting a specialized data recovery company for assistance.