WD Elements 2TB - Deleted partition on system install - Tried ecover - Windows does not find HD

Hi everyone really need some help here.

I was installing windows onto my partners system and forgot to remove the external from the usb port and ended up reading the wrong drive information and removing the partition from the external, It was the same size there abouts as one conected via SATA. I didn’t realse the mistake and went to create a new partition. It was only on the next screen that i realised when i got the x86 error message. Stating you cannot instal to and an external. Ive been trying to recover the partition using active partition recovery, testdisk and a few other programs. Upto now i’m failing… The thing is the partition recovery software is finding the WD hd straight away but windows doesn’t actually show the drive. Obviously this is because it comes preformated and usually has the instal file on the disk, which now it doesn’t have because its had the partition removed. So i need some help is there a way at all of recovering the partition to the original one? i’m managing to find some info through testdisk.

HPFS - NTFS                     0        1          1     7648 254 63 122881122

iNVALID FAT boot sector

0   D    FAT 12                    223039 237 31 271965    93    78598714

FAT12                            22309 237 31 271965         93   60  785987148

i have no idea which is the correct one, further more If i cant recover then i guess i will just have to accept it, but now comes the problem that i cant read the drive??? If I’m going to just start over how do i get the drive readable again as a drive??? this is driving me mad! No pun.

Help would be great,

Thanks Keiran

You can try writing zeroes to the drive, then reformat it.

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How to partition and format a WD drive on Windows (7, Vista, XP) and Mac OSX 

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Hi Ive tried both methods but the drive isn’t showing on either, I already read the 3rd link and tried that. Ive allowed active partition recovery to scan the drive now and it found 4 partitions but would allow recovery of either one so i’m now resorting to remo, the thing is windows will not recognise the drive at all and it does not show. So thats where i come into trouble being unable to format it or anything.