WD Elements 25A2 suddenly stopped working!

Please can somebody help? Today my WD external drive stoppped working. I am a complete novice but this is what i know, it shows up in devices, it shows up sometimes in disc management, sometimes it will show up in this pc and sometimes i can get in to some of my sub folders. It willnthen freeze. I cannot copy any files, it may start but will freeze. I have thousands of photos on here and im am devastated. Please help!

Hi Marty269,

Try to connect the drive with any other computer and with the different USB cable as well and check if the issue still persist.

Thanks but I have tried that. Didn’t work. I have managed to saved some of the data as I can plug it in, copy stuff over for 25 to 30 seconds, before it freezes, then I pause the copy, unplug and re plug the drive in and repeat the process.

Hi Marty269,

You should test the drive using WD Drive Utilities. Please refer to the link given below for more information.