WD elements 1TB


Hi all
I have problem with my HDD drive
I want to format it so I search online but it makes worth :cold_sweat:
Now my HDD not working at all
What shall I do :cry:
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Hi Ahmed,

Please know the reason , drive is not formatting-

  • If the hard drive is not setup correctly in the BIOS or is not jumpered correctly, this may cause the BIOS and Windows to detect the drive incorrectly.
  • Viruses or spyware program are capable of conflicting with Windows programs such as the format utility built into Windows.
  • If the partition on the hard drive is corrupt or damaged, this would cause Windows to stop the format process or show an error message.
  • If the computer system does not have the latest BIOS and hardware drivers, and the operating system does not have the latest Service Packs installed, Windows may not address or recognize the drive parameters correctly.
  • You are attempting to format a partition larger than 32GB as FAT32 in Windows 2000, XP, or 2003.
  • If the hard drive or data cable is physically damaged or defective.
  • There may be a conflict between the hard drive and another device (on the same IDE cable)

Check the given below KBA-

For defect and damage-

For additional information-