WD Elements 1TB - slow


We use 4 External WD Elements 1TB to backup our system.

One of them is very fast (total backup in 3 hours)
Two of them conclude in 12 hours (same files)
And de last conclude in more than 15 hours

All of them are same model.

The degradation of backup time gradually increased.

We don’t know more what we need to do.

First, you should run tests to check the health of the WD Elements drives using Data Lifeguard Diagnostic tool. Failing this test indicates the error or issue with the drives and need to replace under warranty.

However, poor or slow performance is mostly caused by system configuration issues. It is very rare that the performance issue is directly related to the hard drive. You can refer this article for more details about this.

I will run the lifeguard again and make more tests.

I would like to cite that all tests were performed under the same conditions (pc, system, cables, etc.) and the speed difference is very large between the HDDs.

As soon as I get the results, I’ll post it here.


I performed Lifeguard and my speed test in my server.

  • 3 hdds, bought in same local, same day.
  • Same port of my server
  • Same usb cable
  • They are: HDD S, HDD T, HDD M




Images 1, 2 - HDD M
Images 3, 4 - HDD S
Images 5, 6 - HDD T


WD technicians do not say anything?
We begin to doubt product quality and customer service.