WD Elements 1TB model WD10000E035

I have WD Elements 1TB model WD10000E035 serial no: WCAU4156xxxx which I bought October 2008.

I only use it for backup purposes (one time usb connect every month).

Which means I have been connecting it to my laptop for around 18 to 20 times only. even the casing is still really look like NEW as I never moved it from my drawer!

Recently I got virus, and formats all my laptop’s harddrive. and I want to copy all my data back to my laptop from my external backup WD elements 1TB.

But, just now, when I connect it to my laptop, windows XP SP3 detected the device, and its led is blinking longer than usual.

My windows system is like waiting for the drive to be ready. when i try to click drive letter from windows explorer, it is blinking and explorer seems cannot find any FAT.

If I just let it, blinking stops for some seconds and then started to blink again and there is still nothing on explorer.

I disconnect it and use my other 2TB external USB drive, it can read fine.

I try to connect it again using the same usb cable, it is still the same.

  1. What happens with my 1TB WD elements?

  2. As I always unplug it after safety removal, why my, considered NEW (only used for 20 connect, with around 1 hour use each connect), 1TB wd elements failed to be read?

  3. Is it RELIABLE to be used as back ups?

I already check your WD website and check my warranty it says i am still eligible for 1 replacement.

It’s ok to have replacement, but what about its reliability?

I really need to get all the backup back to my laptop again asap!

With DLG Diags, it says: TEST RESULT FAIL, 06-Quick test on drive 2 did not complete! status code=7 (failed read test element), failure checkpoint=97 (unknown test) Smart self test did not complet on drive 2!

on DLS windows first launch, SMART status is PASS.