WD Elements 1TB as Laptop Internal Hard Disk

* I have bought WD Elements 1TB USB 3.0 and i want to use it as Internal Hard Disk for my Laptop ( My Laptop is not USB3.0 support)…Will there be any effects on WD or Laptop…

** My WD is under Warranty…Will the warranty be VOID if i disassemble it…

If you open the case the warranty is void. Connecting as an internal will depend if it has a standard interface instead of a proprietary one.


as soon as you open the case Warranty will be void for sure,

but before doing that you need to check the PATA or SATA connection in your laptop.

mostly 1tb hdd in external casing are SATA, you need to check that your laptop is capable of taking sata hdd that too 1TB size hdds.

if it fits and laptop bios is able to detact it as 1tb, then you can use it as a normal hard drive.

but your warranty will be VIOD.