WD Elements 1T External drive

After less than a year of perfect performance and after I have loaded all my music, pictures and all that good stuff that we carry around…my drive stopped working. Now when plugged in the “System” recognizes it but “My Computer” will not nor will it assign a letter. I have done various tricks suggested by colleagues…to no availa. Any help will be appreciated. Note, most of the data recovery services are either extremely expensive or simply a big rip off… they take your drive to “test it” and then want to charge from $50to $150.00 and do NOTHING…



You are in wrong forum, you need to go to external drives. See the link below:


In the other hand you can try using Recuva or Photorec in order to recover your information.

if the drive shows up in disk management, it’s possible that the drive suffered some corruption.