WD Elements 10TB shows as 9.09 TB

Hello, I recently purchased a WD Elements 10TB from Amazon but when I plugged it in it has shown as 9.09TB (10 000 343 912 448 B).

Is there something wrong with the drive or are WD using the definition of 1 TB = 1000 GB, if it is the latter I will be quite annoyed indeed.

in the real world …

1 TB = 931 GB … or … 0.909 TB


All Manufacturers (WD, Seagate, Toshiba, etc etc) and Advertising use Base 10 mathematics

Computers and Operating Systems use Base 2 (Binary) mathematics

Plenty of info and explanation can be found regarding the difference in advertised capacity versus real capacity.

I was worrying that that would be the case. Whatever ■■■■■ brought in the change in definition from 1024 bytes to each KB has ■■■■■■ us all over. All other drives ive bought have used the correct definition so maybe this is a new stage in things.

It’s not new, been happening for a long time… ever since i can remember buying my first hard drive probably 20 years ago.

Basically the reasoning is … Since consumers don’t think in base 2 mathematics, manufacturers decided to rate most drive capacities based on the standard base 10 numbers we are all familiar with.