WD Elements 1078 Media

I have a simple question. In my media pool are about 42 WD Elements USB 3.0 Hard Drives. When I am using in the german OSX “Festplattendienstprogramm” the Drive is displayed as “WD Elements 1078 Media”. Does anyone know what’s the meaning of 1078?
Yes, I bought the 42 drives not on the same day and I bet this is the revision No. of the controller inside the drive? Is it possible to flash and update older drives?
Don’t touch a running system. I know. But think it is a good question.
Well. For all who wants to know how many drives of these type of mine are got broken. None of them, but one new drive had some noises and I got quick a new one.

“WD Elements 1078 Media” is how your system understands the hardware based on internal parameters related to firmware and drivers.