WD Elements 1023 Problem ( Cmd>Diskpart.exe ) Not showing in commands

My hard disk does not show up on My Computer.

However it can be found in Disk management in an offline status, “Disk1 Unknown 931.51 GB Not Initialized.  931.51 GB Unallocated”

Im pretty sure all my data in there has been lost since the entire thing is free of space now. I’ve even used iCare Date Recovery software but couldnt find any files to recover…

Well, putting that aside, the main problem here is that i cannot remove the write protection to do anything about it.

I’ve done everything i could, like …(cant even reformat)

  1. Going into regedit.exe and select WriteProtect in StorageDevicePolicies and change it’s settings.

  2. Using it my HD on 3 different computers

  3. And lastly using the cmd > diskpart.exe > list volume.  

Now i cannot do anything in step 3 because my External drive is not showing up when i type the “list volume” command.

I can see all of my other internal drives. Can anyone help me please?

You can either have the drive recovered  by a local tech who actually knows what they are doing. or you can try to scan the drive using WinDLG. do a quick test to check if the drive will pass SMART. if it failed. then that drive is a canner. if it pass, the do an extensive scan. hopefully that would fix the issue. if you dont care about the drives files then might as well do a WRITE ZERO to return the drive back to its original settings. then initialize and format the drive.

hope this helps

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what do you mean by a “canner”?

well… my HD passed the Quick Test but failed the Extended Test at 0:01 second.

My HD was like 600gb/800gb+ :cry: I would be devastated if i cannot retrieve those files…

Is there a way i can retrieve them by using any softwares? I think most probably no, but worth asking.

I have 3 WD external hd and this is the first time i’m having this problem… hopefully the other 2 wouldn’t get this **bleep** as well.