WD Elements 1023 Limited Warranty

I have a product in Limited Warranty.

I did a test on it, here are the results-

Model Number: WD Elements 1023
Unit Serial Number: My serial no.
Firmware Number: 2005
Capacity: 500.11 GB
Test Result: FAIL
Test Error Code: 08-Too many bad sectors detected.
Test Time: 17:36:10, January 12, 2013

Model number- WDBABV5000ABK-NESN

warranty expire date- 05/13/2013

What is the procedure to get a replacement for it ?

Will I have to pay for packaging and shipping at my own expense ? Any other expense ?

I am from Canada.

Check the link below for the steps to replace it, and yes you need to pay for the shipping of your drive. 


You’ll just pay for the cost going to their repair/service center and if it doesn’t have conditions that will void the warranty. 

You can check the terms and conditions here:  CLICK MEH !

You can start your RMA process here:  CLICK MEH !

I hope it helps. . .