WD Elements 1023 - 1TB - Write Protected - Wont Show - Wont Format

i have my brand new 1TB 2.5 Portable USB Western Digital 1TB drive that is faulty. how can i reformat it? my 1TB is now 2TB **bleep** whats going on?

disk management says - NOT INITIZILISED, WONT INITIZILIZE… wont format

says - Virtual Disk Manager - Disk Is Write Protected

no data recovery software works i tried all

drive now shows as 2TB and its only 1Tb **bleep**?

please help

western digital support wont help either…

how to fix the metadata of 1TB WD elements 1023


It is possible the disk drive is using MBR partitioning instead of GPT partitioning, which could result on size irregularities with disk drives over 2TB.

I would recommend performing a full test using Western Digital Data Lifeguard Diagnostics for Windows. If a full test and S.M.A.R.T. status test are to pass then the disk itself is healthy and re-initializing should correct the issue. After writing zeros to the disk (low level, deep-sector format), you will have the option to initialize the disk again.

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