WD Elements 1023 1TB HDD not shown in Windows 7 Explorer


My WD elements 1023 1TB HDD not shown in  Windows 7 Explorer . But i can see it in the Device Manager and in the saftly remove Hardware , but i can not access thrugh the windows explorer . I tried to use it in UBUNTU and i can access the files from there . Can you pls suggest ?



fixed the problem by myself…following the link


Something must be corrupt. Since you can access it with Ubuntu copy off the stuff you want to save and reformat the ddrive. Or try TestDisk http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk or something like Easeus free partitin tool  http://www.partition-tool.com/ and see if it will restore it. I’ve noticed thtat people using externals between different OSs seem to have more problems with corruption. If you reformat it would be a good idea to run WD DLG  http://support.wdc.com/product/download.asp?groupid=304&sid=3&lang=en to check for errors.


I would also recommend running check disk, or if you know a better program, to make sure the file structure is good on the drive.

Hi Chi,

I am having the same problem, it is visible in the Device Manager but cannot actually access it.  I have vital information on it for a project, really need to get to it! 

What specific part of that post did you use to solve your problem, it sounds like he gave multiple answers? Were you able to keep your data? 

Thanks for any help you can give!