WD Elements 1.5 Tb Reformatting GPT to MBR for Win XP SP3 32 bit

WD Elements 1.5 Tb Reformatting GPT to MBR for Win XP SP3 32 bit

Hello, Chaps

So far I have read it, I should use special utilities, not standard Windows apps.
Is it WD Align then? Or anything else? Acronis, a special edition?
Acronis Disk Director Suite Home or EaseUS Partition Tool were unable to convert GPT to MBR.

Where can I get them asap? Maybe, some of them are not available anymore for download.

Then, maybe WD Quick Formatting Utility?

Please, help. THX…

PS. Pls don’t be bother with me. I have tried first to read carefully questions and answers to this problem at the WD Community, but they are not exhaustive at all, in order to get my WD Elements reformatted. .

Also, I would like to learn, what will the access speed /time then after disk aligning or reformattiing to MBR. I have read that it can be many times below that for GPT. Is that true?

Completely destroy your unit’s partition table by writing zeros using WD Data Lifeguard Diagnostics for Windows. This will allow you to initialize your hard drive from scratch:

Correct. Newer hard drives are designed and optimized for newer operating systems that benefit from GPT. This in turn can affect performance in legacy systems.

Thanks for your dynamic reply, I’ll try to. - Regards.