WD Element - WDAAF00115HBK-00 - New PCB and control board needed

I need a new controler and PCB.  The short story is I lost my power cord and used the wrong plug and think I burned a fuse on the PCB.  When I took the unit apart the USB connector fell off of the control broard.  I want to replace the control board (4060-705059-001 Rev A) and the PCB (2060-701640-002 Rev A) with two new, or slightly used ones.  Does anybody know if the pair that came out of the unit is married/linked by a bios settting or something.  I am wondering if, so long as I have the same serial numbers, can I buy a controller (mentioned above) USB2 from one person and a PCB (mentioned above) from another person and expect them to work together.  I have tried a few best buy options where I slipped the WD drive into a case with USB support and in both cases the unit would not power on but as soon as I remove my WD drive the case unit powers on.  I am about to pull the plug on a used PCB and a controller on EBAY but wanted to check here first.  The drive itself should be fine.

Welcome to the Community and sorry you’re going through this.

Hopefully a board member has tried this before with positive results and is able assist.

Try the posts bu fzabkar he is about the only one who understands these boards. You might be able to just bypas a burnt diode on athe board. try this one for a start  http://community.wd.com/t5/External-Drives-for-PC/connected-wrong-power-supply-to-3TB-WD-My-Book-Essential-any-way/td-p/837943


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Thank you I sent fzabkar a message.

Here is some more information.

I have removed the hard drive PCB and USB2 and power connector PCB.  If i plug the USB2 PCB in the LED light on the board comes on.  As soon I attach the PCB from the hard drive into the power PCB and plug it in the LED light no longer comes on.  I guess this means I have a bad PCB.

Can somebody confirm or deny my suspicion?