WD Element 1TB not open by any LED TV

I also had this problem and I was really disappointed when I couldn’t open it through the TV. Mine is WD My Passport. Thanks to your replies though, it’s now okay. Yey! :):grin:

I had converted into MBR format, But I’m facing the same issue. It’s not working on my TV.

Hai, can somebody give solution? I have convert to MBR , but still my tv cannot read. Btw i have the other 2 HDD and both are WD 500Gb and 1TB can be played on tv, but the new ones 1TB cant be read…

Hi guys… just bought a WD element 1tb and it did not work at first due to the GPT format it was on. After reading the community forum on WD AND THE REPLY FROM Jagadesh of how to change the Drive to MBT i did it and now the WD drive works on my TV through the USB port! thank you so much for your help

Hi guys ! please follow this link you can use to do the convert! much love from South Africa

This answer right here is the solution.
In 2021, My Passport 1TB Elements bought in 2019, wasn’t recognized by my Philips 32inch LED TV [It IS Not a Smart TV].

Simply convert the GPT to MBR.
Please note that this procedure as stated by @Jagadesh will result in data loss if there are any existing data.
But if you do use any Proprietary software/partition manager which clearly guarantees, conversion without data loss. then get it done that way.

I myself used such a software to convert the GPT to MBR without data loss of 900+GB of data.