WD Element 1TB - Clicking sound and not recognized by computer


I have a WD Element 1TB (WDBAAU0010HBK-01) external hard-drive. Purchased more than 1 year past.

My computer runs Windows Vista (32 bits).

When connected, the drive emits the usual start sound but then a clicking sound starts. The drive is never recognized by the computer nor does the computer emits the usual sound once an external device has been connected and detected.

The clicking sound continues for about forty-five seconds and then stops. Still, the drive is never detected by the computer. I went to the school tech. shop and they could not access the drive (something about taking too long and then freezing the computer…). They suggested data recovery and did mention the cost that could ensue…

-> I forgot to mention: the light (near/behind power and USB ports) is on once plugged, during and after the clicking sound. 

Now, I also ran Tesdisk and Photorec but without success. Also, the drive does not appear under Disk Management. 

I tried holding the USB cable and even the power cable in different position but without success.

Does anyone have any suggestions at this point?

*What I am considering next is doing a platter swap…yep, diving off the cliff here…

**…anyone here ever posted the same issue…?


Before tearing the drive apart  you might see if it will connect as an internal drive or if it will work in another enclosure.


I have the same problem! I just bought a WD Mybook 3TB.

When you read this forum, it’s unbelievable. There are many people with this problem and the only thing you read, that the cable will be damaged?!

I hope we will get some real support soon.