WD Element 18TB WDBWLG0180HBK-NESN light

How can I turn off the light?

PLEASE don’t tell me I can turn off the light on my ($100.00) WD easystore external drive with WD Drive Utilities, and my ($346.00) WD Elements WD Thinks is not “good enough” to work with WD Drive Utilities so I can’t turn off the friggin light! I REALLY don’t want to ghetto a piece of black tape over the light. I have searched for answers but all I get are posts from people saying their light turned blue or is blinking red, and i will not even tell you the number of posts talking about how to turn the drive off. Cause that dam blinking light is a distraction I keep seeing it out the corner of me eye so I look at it. ok I am getting pissed I will end this now before I start swearing.

ANY help will be VERY appreciated.

Thank you.

You can get technical and disassemble and de-solder the LED if a ghetto black tape solution is not your “thing”.


HA HA HA Very Funny.