WD element 1 TB - beeping and not detected on PC


I own this drive for about a year now.  this device was constantly connected to a media player and running smoothly without any issues. recently while the disk was connected to media player ( was not running any content from HDD) but it was powered on, my kid accidently pulled the media player cable which resulted the disk drive to be in hanging state from media player ( HDD did not touch the ground) . now when I try to connect it to a PC I am hearing beep sounds in this order … assume  as 0- low freq beep , 1-high freq beep. 001001001001… 16 times and then void. Drive is not spinning. but sometime if I try to adjust the connector( from the cable to disk), i see some disk spins but still its not detected by a PC.

The beep pattern of my drive is almost like one shown in this below youtube link( low freq beep is slight shorter than one shown in video). however it does continue for 16 times and then void.


I have imp data in disk, can someone suggest the possible solutions on this problem?




You could be dealing with mechanical damage, you might need to contact a Data recovery company in order to retrieve the data from the drive.


Mine is also giving the same beep sound Unfortunately it got dropped. How could i resolve this mechanical damage.

Please give me some suggestion  in this??