WD EHD vs Seagate Replica EHD drivers

This  is strange.  I’m running Vista Home Premium on my Compaq 32bit.

 I have a 3-month-old Seagate Replica EHD and my PC says the drivers for it are fine.

 After I installed Service Pack 1 for Vista two weeks ago, my Replica disconnected itself and the PC hasn’t been able to recognize it (at the USB port?) since.  I can’t read or write to it.  I tested the USBs and they’re functioning.

Then, in my PC’s “Problems and Solutions”, there’s a “Solution Found”… it says:

 "Download and install the driver for your External Hard Drive.  The model name of your external hard drive is My Passport Essential WDME1600 (USB2.0).

http://support.wdc.com has drivers, but WDME1600 is not mentioned.

Some drivers require a product registration #.  I don’t have a WD EHD, therefore I have no registration #.

Could the WD driver be the missing connective driver I need?

Is there a substitute driver # that I can download to see if it solves a problem?

Curious, thanks