WD easyStore Drive locked up - Does not appear when plugged into Mac

Hello WD…Thanks for attempting to help get our WD easyStore portable drive unlocked BUT NO THANKS to recommending DRIVE SAVERS as a 2nd party to help. I already contacted them a they wanted close to 3K dollars to open the drive! Give me a break! We know $40. in software will open your drive so your not helping much sending me to Drive Savers! Telling us which software DriveSavers uses would have been more helpful!
With 4K of our 4K VIDEO footage locked up on this fairly new WD drive this IS a major issue and since we are a journalistic TV News entity I sense a STORY here our TV viewers might be interested in!
Stay Tuned!
Stuart E.
executive producer
Xcorps TV
Encinitas California

A " journalistic TV News entity" doesn’t have a backup?

Yeah there is a story “Bad IT Management at Xcorps”. :slight_smile:

Not a helpful reply.