WD Easy Store okay to use after it died and is reformatted?

My faithful Easy Store drive died after five faithful years. Couldn’t repair it with Disc Utilities so am reformatting it and sadly saying good-bye to all my files that were backed up on it. About 2 TBs worth. But now I have to wonder — is it okay to use again? Or am I walking through a mine field wondering when the drive will fail again? Any advice welcome.

Hi @quest037,

We suggest you to test the drive health status. In order to understand the health of the drive, please install and WD Drive utility software and run the diagnostic test:

Title: How to install WD Drive Utilities( For both Windows and MAC)
Link: How to install WD Security & WD Drive Utilities

If the drive passes the test, we recommend you to format the drive. Make sure that you have backed-up your data stored on the drive before going to format the drive because reformatting is data destructive process.

Else If the test result shows drive failure, I suspect that drive is faulty and suggest you to buy a new drive, in order to keep your data safe and secure.