WD Easy Store cycling off & on

My WD Easy Store Desktop is cycling off & on by itself every 5 minutes or so. Not sure if it’s the power connection or the usb connection. When it cycles back on, a new window opens for the drive–like the computer is reading it. It did this initially when I got it 10 months ago, then stopped. Now, it’s doing it again. I normally leave this on whenever I’m using the desktop computer and turn it off when the computer is turned off. What can I do about this?

Hello VLane15,

I would suggest turning OFF the Power Management Settings from Windows desktop, then check for the same issue.

If the issue still persists, you may try using another power adapter with the Easystore in this concern

maybe bad usb data cable??

I couldn’t find a place to turn OFF power mgmt in Win 10. I did leave it at the “balanced” setting.
I did uncheck & turn off power mgmt for 3 USB root hubs in Device Manager/Properties/Power Mgmt.
I installed current versions of WD Utilities & WD Backup.

I changed WD Backup Drive Helper to “automatic” in run:services.msc
Set sleep timer on WD Utilities app to 45 min.
Plugged into different USB 3.0 port on computer.

I ended up unplugging the WD with the intention of just plugging it back in once in a while to make backups. Tonight, I tried plugging in and turning on and the HD would not stay on at all. Kept recycling on and off continuously.

Any more thoughts?