WD Easy Store Backup will not run Period

I am having an issue with WD Backup where when I click on the Open button using the WD Discovery, clicking on the Desktop Shortcut or searching for it through the windows search tool, my mouse will say it’s loading for a few seconds and then nothing will happen. I’ll then attempt to open using the “Run as Administrator” option and it will do the same thing as before, my mouse will say it’s loading for a few seconds and then nothing will happen. When I select the WD Backup Shortcut and select “Open file location”, it sends me to the WDAppManager.exe. When I attempt to open that both ways I get the same reaction as before. At this point, I’m completely lost. If I have to delete my previous backups for it to work again I will be furious since I need those files for my project that I need to revert back to as of right now. As well as this will be the second time I would have to do that this year to revert to a previous save. Any insight into this problem would be extremely helpful. Thank You.

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I have same issue. Have you figured out anything yet? I had mine disconnected for about 8 months and when plugged back in and updated, nothing works with backup.

I haven’t found anything helpful to fix it so far and I’m not deleting anything until it fixes itself. I’m using the File History feature on through Windows to save progress as of right now.

I was able to determine the hard drive is okay. I installed on a different computer and everything works good. I must have issues with the hp laptop. If I find it, I’ll let you know.

Awesome! I only have this one computer so to know that I can just use the File History for now and just re-upgrade to WD on a new computer instead of this laptop is great.

IF WD Backup fails to run after an update or install, you might TRY this document -