WD DX4000 locks up every night


We purchased a WD dx4000 about 6 months back. Up until about 4-6 weeks ago, everything was fine with the unit, and we enjoyed running veeam backups to the units USB 3.0 drive share.

However, roughly 6 weeks ago, the unit started locking up literally evernight. The dashboard stops responding and tells me the server is offline, my file copies all fail, and the unit stops responding to pings. It takes a hard power cycle (buttons do nothing) to get the unit to shut off, it then comes up initiallizing for a while, reports no errors and then continues on like nothing happened.

Both power supplies are connected to 2 different brand new UPS units (customer replaced as it looked initially like a power interrruption issue). We have tried running the device on only 1 power supply, then the other with the same result. We normally habve both nics’ attached, however to rule out nics, I’ve also tried using one and then the other, all with the same result.

Copies work fine for about 2 hrs, and then the whole unit just freezes right up. No lights on drive bays, no alarms noted, and the screen just doesnt light up either.

My questions is, where can I call to get some support on this unit as it’s still well within warranty. The drives purchased for the unit, were ordered along with it, so I know the drives are ok, and nothign is reported about any drive errors.

I applied all security updates the night before last, and still, same issue. Need some serious help. I cant seem to find any info on advanced logging either (or I’d go looking to see what I can find).

Thank you,

George Brossault

Hi, Check the link below for the tech support number.