WD DX4000 ISO differences/versions? ISO Downloads and drivers here. And misc. questions

I have found:

This image will not show any temperature’s, power supply status, fan, or network status in the “monitor” section of Storage Server.

Used on a thumb drive to update to latest “” software. Unzip to a formatted USB thumb drive and use the updater in the dashboard to install.

A: Are there any more versions?

B:What are the differences? Windows updates? Actual WD updates?

Driver updates that I could find:

Don’t install video driver unless you intend to use (and install) the internal VGA connection as it shares physical RAM. If you get into BIOS VIA the USB to serial adapter, you can disable the internal video hardware and free up 4-8Mb of physical RAM. That is if your NOT installing the VGA connector.

Motherboard Model: INTEL Corporation GA8-IBLV
Motherboard Chipset: ICH9R

Most interested in image differences and possible other ISO’s I’m missing.

Here is the hwinfo html output file if interested… WD Sentinel DX4000 2GB RAM.HTM - Google Drive

Would be best to download and view it if your looking for anything in particular as its a web page (better than note pad).

The RX4100 is same board with the daughterboard swapped out and VGA port added and a few informational LED’s to front panel along with the 2 additional USB ports which are accessible in the DX4000 with soldering skills.

Link to purchase surface mount SATA connector:

VGA breakout board:

Pinouts for VGA header onboard and connector for reference:

Got into bios and disabled parallel port then re-enabled it…apparently the display on the front uses it and if its disabled, won’t update after post.

Here is a link provided by a WD employee with a lot of useful information hat apparently is not easy to find because I’ve googled this model hundreds of times and never got it.


Any help is appreciated!!!

Hi @WhizAtIt,

Please share LED status of drive.

Please check below link to check more information:

Never stated an “issue” merely getting information on the unit together, Thanks for that lnk!!