WD DX4000 help plzz!


Your problem I think would be getting those 3 or 4 files he says you need. I am not sure if you can get them out of the recovery iso or would need to put a recovered disc in your pc and get them out

you then just make a folder c:\lcd put the files in there with his script then open a powershell prompt and run his script

You can google how to add something to the scheduler, but all you do is open task scheduler, new task and follow the wizard


Hi Gramps, sorry for being quiet, i took a break from the DX4000.
I managed to get the LCD working perfectly but i have a few probs:

My time is incorrect. When i switch it off and power on after 5 min the time if wrong by 5min. I changed the cmos battery so its not that.

Only one drive shows, instead of 2 which is installed. When i go to storage it only shows i have 1 drive with 1.7tb space left. Its not even showing up on diskpart, just the one


yea, I dunno. That is why I kept asking about the time/date. They used to get stuck on the time they were last turned off. Mine did it for a long time, then fixed itself.

No clue on the drive. Try a different slot? You install the Intel RST raid drivers?


I installed the RST drivers and software and it says that one of my drive is Degraded. Correct me if im wrong but if im my 2 x 2tb drives is in raid 1 (mirror) configuration, wont i just have 1.7tb? Instead of 3.4tb because of miror raid 1 configuration


Correct. I suppose if you did not clean the drives when you installed 2012 it still had the raid cfg on the disc. So it appears you have a broken mirror.


K, but what will happen if i take out the last drive, clean it and then put it back. Will it rebuild the raid?


I think if you clean it, it will show in diskmgmt and your raid will still be degraded
if you are not going to mirror the drives you really need to clean both and reinstall


Ok thanks, but what if i dont wanna mirror them? How should i do then? Cuz everytime i recreate both drives it keeps being on mirrored


if you are doing that 2012 thing, you do not need to recreate. Just clean, then do the 2012 steps with one drive


Hello, This is my first reply here, so be kind. I have a dx4000 and i am having trouble finding a USB drive that will work. Will the Lexar JumpDrive V20 youmention aboe work, and do know of others. I want to recover without loosing the data from the X9 error. your help is greatly appriciated



I dunno, things are tough with the X9. No Backup?
If you have more than two drives I think you should look at raid recovery software. Most have a let you see if your data is there for free and pay to copy.

I think ,most any 16gb thumb that is seen as removable media and not a usb hard drive should work.


Just saw this. No clue if running setup in chrome would cause the box to fail

Installation and initial configuration

Security certificate warnings appear when you run the initial configuration from a client computer by using a Firefox or Opera browser

When you use a Firefox or Opera browser to set up your headless server from a client computer, you will receive certificate warnings.

To prevent these warnings from occurring, perform the following steps:

  1. From the client computer, open Windows Explorer, navigate to \server\certificate, and then copy the file setup.cer to your desktop.

  2. When prompted for credentials, enter the following: Username = Administrator, and Password = Admin.

  3. Open your browser and follow the instructions in your browser’s documentation to install the certificate into the browser’s trusted certificate authorities list.

  4. After the certificate is installed, restart the browser, navigate to http://server, and follow the instructions on the screen.


Are you using OPENDNS? If you ping server does it fail to resolve an ip?