WD DX4000 Date is incorrect

WD DX4000 Date is incorrect

I opened Support Case since the date of 06 Feb 2014. But have not been resolved.

I noticed
When I Shutdown DX4000 and turn on DX4000 the next day.
System date is incorrect. But time is correct

I am testing
 1. I remote desktop to WD DX4000
 2. Disable Synchronize with an Internet time server.
 3. Set Date 21-Feb-2014 Time 11:55 PM.
 4. Shutdown DX4000 and waited for another 10 minutes.
 5. Turn on your DX4000 and check Date & Time.

 The results
 The date & time of the DX4000 is 21-Feb-2014 Time 12:05 AM. This date is incorrect
 Correct is supposed to be 22-Feb-2014 Time 12:05 AM.

 My analysis
 Is likely to be a problem from Hardware, Bios or Firmware of the DX4000

Info my WD4000
Current Software version
Current Windows Update
baseboard:Intel GA8-IBLV BIOS:AMI,4.6.4

I wanted everyone to check WD SENTINEL DX4000. That found problem?

Thanks for posting.  I am curious why you disable checking internet time? 

Is your box joined to a domain?

What I would simply like you to do is set the date and time to the current time.  Then shutdown the box and restart it.  Does it show the current propper date and time?

It is not really a good idea to set these boxes back in time as it may cause problems with certificates.

Thank you again for your help in this issue.

Also you can post your image here with one of the icons above.  I cant seem to get your page to load.

Also could you send me your WD support case #?

Thanks again

If not disable checking internet time. Will update valid current date&time from the Internet.


I set the date and time to the current time. Then shutdown the box and restart it.
Does it show the current date and time valid

But I set the date and time to the current time. Then shutdown the box and next day restart it.
Does it show the current time valid, but current date invalid

Current time valid, Means the bios battery normal.

I confirm that the problem came from the Hardware or bios, firmware.


The WD should checked and released a patch to fix the problem.

WD support case [Deleted] and [Deleted]

I opened 2 case because WD the response is very slow.

Thanks you

Well I am not sure why if it works setting from internet time you want to disable that, but I also understand your concerns.

Would you do this for me, turn off the internet time however you are doing that and reboot the box with the current date and tell me what the date goes to when it starts back.

Shut the box down for 10 minutes whatever with the current date and then power it back on and tell me what date it gives you. 

And thanks for the cae numbers.  I got them in an email, but WD must not want them posted for some reason.

Thanks for your help,

What I want to say
System the date of the box does not work.

For example, if closed box today(14-Mar-2014) and open box tomorrow (15-Mar-2014)

Date on the box is also Yesterday (14-Mar-2014)

I want to fix Because
Box of me not connecting to the Internet all the time.
Long weekend, I have to close the box.
I did not want open the box. Then need to set current date.

I understand why you want it fixed.  I am trying to determine exactly how it behaves.

So if you shut it down on Friday and turn it on Monday, is the date Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday or something else?

And if you would please, just simply disconect it from the internet and restart it.  Does it have todays date or some other date?


Shutdown on Friday and turn it on Monday, is the date Friday.

Disconnect it from the internet and restart it. is today’s date.

Ok, thank you very much.  I will let you know what I find out.

Find a solution to the problem?
Box Dx4000 other people have the same problem?

Something else I thought of, is the DX4000 joined to a domain? If it is, it will get it’s time from the PDC Emulator in the domain.

Otherwise, ensure the Windows Time service is running, and check the registry entries for the W32Time service, and that they are appropriate for your environment, i.e., set to domain if you are joined to a domain, or an NTP server (such as time.windows.com) if it is a stand-alone device.

See the following TechNet article: