WD drives and head parking


I have received harddrives in the past by mail. Who were wrapped in a single layer of bubblewrap and put in a small brown box with no protection. Cringe. Harddisks worked fine. But a friend of mine dropped his western digital elements drive off a table about 4 ft after it was properly ejected and made no mechanical spinning sounds. I would guess the drive would safely park the heads. And although these drives are surrounded by 4 thick pieces of rubber and encased within a plastic shell. The drive wouldnt turn on after it fell. Why is this.

Do western digital drives have special protection like an extra latch that holds on to the HSA before first use?

Do western digital drives park their heads on or off the platters?

I have recorded the soft sound it makes when trying to turn it on. https://voca.ro/cvZ3t6RD6NN

What might have happened here?

A few common causes include a bad or incorrect cable, a failed USB port on the PC or Mac, or a bad drive. It can also occur if not enough power is reaching the drive.

WD Elements Portable Hard Drive is a precision rotating platter device. Although they are designed to be portable and durable, reasonable care should be exercised to avoid drops from any distance.

Dropping of a storage drive may cause your drive corrupt/unresponsive/RAW. As in result of dropping a drive, the impact on that drive may occur any type of physical damage to the drive which can make the drive unreadable.

Basically, there are 2 types of damages that can happen to any storage drive & leads to a data loss situation:

  • Logical Damage
  • Physical Damage

Logical damage or logical errors are like corruption, formatting, lost partitions, accidentally deletion, or unresponsiveness of drive whereas physical damages are like loss of data due to breakage, fire, water etc.

Whether the drive becomes RAW, unresponsive, or corrupt due to any of the above damage, the end result is the same which is “ loss of data ”.

If you lost your data due to logical damage then there are 99% chances that your data can be recovered easily with the help of a data recovery software. Here, I will recommend you to try Stellar Data Recovery Professional Software as it is one of the most advanced, reliable & easy to use data recovery software.

Secondly, if your data has been lost due to any physical damage or your drive has been broken, in that case, you don’t need a data recovery software, in fact, you need a data recovery service provider who are well equipped with all the tools & techniques to take out your data from the physically damaged drive.

No matter what type of drive you are using if it dropped then it may get physically affected.Try to Remind whether the sound you are hearing now was coming before it dropped. If no then the drive got physically damaged and its affected internal part is making noise. Taking it to diagnosis center is the only resort.