WD Drive WD5000AAKS PCB Needed?

 Hello All, My name is Dan and right now I KNOW that’s not really important but I figure that yall have to knwo more about this stuff than I do so here it is…

  Like almost everyone else here, i am at a point that I HAVE TO ASK FOR HELP. 

  The Back Story :

 I have a WD5000AAKS that I’ve been using for data storage.  I recently had a HD failure on ANOTHER DRIVE and lost the OS, so I was in the process of switching drives in and out moving data from one to anohter and SOMEHOW connected the Power cable to the drive incorrectly.  (I’ve been using THIS internal drive with a USB external adapter)  

  Anyway,  after reading allot of forums I kinda got that it might be as “simple” as the PCB on the HD.  So I hired a tech to come to the house (BIG MISTAKE) and look at it.  He charged me $75 for the visit, and $50 to remove 4 screws and show me that a componet on the PCB was burnt out.

  He said that if I could get a new PCB he would put it back ont he HD for $25 IF I brought it to him.  Now I’m wanting to BUY a new PCB for this HD, but can not find anyone at Western Digitial to help me, or sell me one of these boards.

  Funny thing is, I HONESTLY don’t even know if this is going to work or not, but I figure I AHVE to do something because this is Family Pictures of our Newborn up to 6 years, and now to have “lost” them, would be terriable.

Anyone have any Idea of how to contact someone from WD to buy one of these PCB’s that goes ont eh outside of a HD.

Anyone know anything about Data Recovery IF it’s not the PCB ?

Thank You for reading this,


So this is what happened. 

  After being on this site and waiting to see if anyone has ever had this problem , I noticed that only 9 people had even looked at it.  OK, I get it, so there are not allot people as stupid as I am and I would think that’s good news, so I figured the only way to get anything done is to call Western Digital and talk to them directly.

  WOW, was I surprised.  Not only was it almost impossible to get in touch WITH A HUMAN, but IT WAS IMPOSSIBLE to get  Western Digital to SELL ME and NEW PCB !

  I was in shock that a company that sells hard drives would not sell the PCB’s that come with the HD’s.  I mean look at your HD.  See the computer PC board that is normally on ALL desktop hard drives.  Really, look at it.  For mine there were / ARE 4 little screws that keeps it on the HD.  Take them 4 screws off, and the PCB comes right off.  I’m SURE this was done for ease of use for Western Digital when or if there was a problem.  It would make sense to me that something so simple would be even easier to sell.

 NOPE  Instead, WESTERN DIGITAL directs YOU and ME to their “Partners” who will be nice enough to CHARGE YOU (AND ME) at LEAST $400.00 for “DATA RECOVERY”

  What that means is that their “partners” must have already struck a deal with them that they NOT SELL those PCB’s to the public so that they can use them for their “Data Recovery”

Western Digital, This BIG COMPANY who makes great hard drives that I have ALWAYS used, is now FORCING ME, to go to someone that they are in bed with, instead of SELLING ME something that they have an abundance of.

Do I sound a bit bitter,  OF COURSE I DO.  Have I ALWAYS been a supporter of WESTERN DIGITAL, and now, when I actually NEED HELP…  I questioning the reasons why I’ve been so brand loyal, when it’s obvious that they could care less about a man and His Only Daughters Photographs.

Thanks WESTERN DIGITAL, you have inspired me to change my ways.

Hi well this is common practice for example Lgtech wont sell me a center speaker for my z-5500 they don’t sell parts for there speaker systems. I have a mb with a bad chip on it but they wont sell me that chip so I can replace it as you can see its most manufactures. Now some people would buy the pcb if they sold them and if it did not work would cry and want there pcb money back. This is because you cant fix it by just changeing the pcb some chips from the old pcb need to be moved onto the good pcb. No HD company will sell you a pcb, on the net there are a few places that sell new and used ones. Oh I almost forgot enjoy your change.

Dan, you may be lucky and there may be a simple, no-cost DIY fix.

See http://www.users.on.net/~fzabkar/HDD/TVS_diode_FAQ.html

… and http://www.users.on.net/~fzabkar/HDD/bigcircuitboard_diodes.jpg

If you are unable to repair your board, then don’t waste any more money on a house call. I say this because each PCB has unique, drive specific information that needs to be transferred from patient to donor. You will need to be extremely lucky for a straight PCB swap to work.

The following PCB supplier provides a free “PCB adaptation” service:

Dan, you can get PCB for almost any drive on ebay. just punch in your part number of your board and hit search. Then follow fzabkar’s link on how to make new board work with your drive( U12 chip needs to be moved from original board to donor board). if the preamp didnt get harmed during the spike, you should be able to see your kids pics in no time.

HDDRS, I think you will find that location U12 is vacant, in which case the OP will require a “PCB adaptation” service. Most data recovery companies will treat this is as a Data Recovery rather than a Drive Repair, in which case the price will be far in excess of the OP’s expectations. If you know of any other company that offers such a service at a reasonable price, I would be happy to make others aware of it.

can OP upload the picture of the component side of the board maybe?

Some sites like HDDZone.com offers western digital replacement pcb with free shipping, check it here: http://www.hddzone.com/western-digital-ide-pcb-c-19.html


Local TV/Phone repair shop can offer a firmware transfer service for $5-%20