WD Drive Utilities Not WORKING! HELP

I bought a My Cloud Home Duo 20TB, I am not even sure if there exists a 20TB version since I cannot find it any where on the official website, and I cannot register my serial number either.

Anyway, it works with my WIFI and all that, but both WD Drive Utilities and WD Security are not working, they both show empty screens, my guess is they they cannot recognize my disks in the WD cloud device.

Does any one have the same problem like mine?

I am running on Windows 10 by the way.


wd drive utilities and wd security do not work with the network attached products wd makes. those software are for direct attached storage only.

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Then it would be nice to give more information on that. WD Drive Utilities and WD Security still appear in the Application tab of WD Discovery. In the description of WD Drive Utilities it says that you can configure your drive WD and not that it works only with drives that can be physically attached to the computer by cable.

I will then uninstall those two apps.