WD Drive Utilities no drives shown

Using the latest WD Drive Utilities Version:, when opened, all I see is “Attach a supported WD drive.” I have three drives in this system (Windows 10 Pro), two internal and one external. All three are WD drives, but none are shown. The drives are:

WDS500G3XHC-00SJG0 - 500GB boot disk - internal
WDC WDS100T2B0A-00SM50 - 1TB user disk - internal
WD Elements 10B8 USB Device - 2TB backup disk - external

The problem I am trying to solve is to stop the external drive from going to “sleep”. I have made all of the necessary changes to the Windows 10 OS, but to no avail. This worked at one time, but stopped somewhere along the way. It is very annoying, because attempting to do anything involving that drive cause the system to hang for 5-10 seconds while it “wakes up”.

Only a few drives support WD Drive Utilities and show up there, for example My Passport, My Book, etc.

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