WD Drive Utilities Crashing on Password Input - My Passport

Recently updated to Windows 10 from Windows 7, and when I plug in my drive and the WD Drive Utilities opens, I input my passport, and upon hitting Unlock Drive, the program freezes up for a moment goes to (Not Responding) and eventually cancels out or I have to close manually.

I originally had it set to be unlocked for my username, but upon installing Windows 10, it asked for my password - which was not surprising, and that’s when this started happening.

I have downloaded the current drivers, and I understand there may be issues with Windows 10, so I tried on a Windows 8 machine, and it does the same thing. A handful of times, I’ve gotten the “wrong password” notice a few times, but I know for certain my password is correct, and even then after a few tries, it freezes up and does the same thing.

On another note: why isn’t there some sort of “backup” login if you forget your password? Extra security questions, email reset, something. If it is indeed that my password is wrong, I see that my only option is to delete the whole drive and start over? And lose my entire life that I have backed up on it? Like I said, I’m 99.7% sure my password is correct…

Are you using the latest version of the application? You can download it from WD’s Support site.

And yes, there are no password-recovery options. The unit will need to be erased if forgotten. This should not be an issue as long as you do have a backup (A secondary copy in a different location) of your data since the same precautions apply to hardware failure or data corruption.

I made sure the drivers were updated but I’m not sure about the program. I’ll give that a try, thanks.

Also, I have since discovered that when I input the (presumably) correct password, it freezes up. I must have typed it wrong once and got the invalid password message, then assumed the password was wrong and that was part of the issue. It’s as if the program works enough to know the password is wrong, but when it comes to unlocking the drive, it freezes up. I’ve tested that enough times to convince myself the password is correct, and it’s an unlocking issue.

WD Support has also given me a suggest of something to try, which I haven’t had a chance to do yet.

Regardless, I feel like it’s poor design to not have an alternate way of retrieving passwords. Just my (and lots of other peoples’) opinion.