Wd drive utilities test fails when drive is set to sleep

after turning off ‘put hard disks to sleep when possible’ in mac system preferences to avoid ‘false failure’ in wd drive utilities complete drive test, this boxy ‘my book 8tb’ drive still failed complete test after several hours waiting for 90% to finish (15hrs total test time).

on a hunch i then also turned off ‘sleep timer’ in wd drive utilities settings tab for the drive, forcing the drive to stay awake during another complete drive test. tho it took more than four hours to get from 90% to done, and more than 16 hours total, the test finished this time, and the drive did in fact pass the test.

16 hours tho! that’s irritating.

it would be good for wdc to make the complete test work better, or to clarify that drive sleep needs to be turned off in both the system settings & the drive utilities settings for the complete test to finish.

edit: clarity