WD Drive Unknown Security State: ff

When I open my WD Drive Unlock application, it gives me an error. “Unknown Security State: ff”. How do I fix it? It has all my backup in it and I don’t want to lose them. Please help me !!!

Hi jonasBernado,

Try to install the WD Security and unlock the drive using WD Security and check if you are able to access the drive after that.

Please refer to the link given below for more information.

nope. it does not resolved the issue


Hello Jonas and others. I have the same issue. Open a window with: Unknown Security State: ff. I’ve installed WD Discovery and nothing happened. It descovery others devices as flashdrive…or HD… but the WD My Passport don’t work. A lot of headache!!

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Do you have any update? I have the same issue!

Hi folks,

The drive was working fine in macOS Sierra until i have installed “Internet Security 2019” from Kaspersky and works fine without the security solution.

Whenever i want to use the drive with KIS installed, i get the FF error code and instantly after the deinstallation of KIS, the drive works fine again! I have upgraded the Firmware to the latest version.

I would like to use both products, the drive and the security solution. Any ideas?

I have had the same problem when I installed KIS 2019. I have had to uninstall KIS 2019, then install WD Security (https://support.wdc.com/downloads.aspx?p=294&lang=en (mac) the windows version is on the same web page under “Software For Windows”), remove the password on my External HDD, then reinstall KIS 2019, and then it will recognise my HDD allowing me to access the files on it.

Hope this helps

i have this problem too
but i can not find any answer !! PLS help !! i want my data

the solution for me was to deinstall Kaspersky internet security 19 with they deinstaller app, not just removing the dmg app from the program folder. now all works again