WD drive not showing up on mac at all

Whenever I plug the hard drive in the mac, it doesnt even show up as a WD icon or the hard drive icon. It flickers for a bit then stops. It’s been getting really frustrating lately especially since I cant acess any of my important files inside of it and transfer it to another hard drive. Any ideas as to how i can try to retrieve my files back?

Check on the disk utility app to see if it is recognized there. 


I have the same problem.  The disk doesn’t show up in the disk utility.

Same thing happens to me on my 2tb drive. I have read elsewhere on this forum that the board that screws onto the drive and has the USB connector on it encrypts the drive. Is this true? I never set a password or the like for the drive, can I not simply pop it in an SATA case and copy the data?

it doesnt show up on the disk utility either so i cant restore it or pull out my important files